Our Mission

Our Mission

We are working together to provide a stimulating learning environment in which a team of highly-trained staff provides quality teaching in well-resourced buildings to address the special needs of our pupils in partnership with parents and the community by:

  • Working together as a team. Providing a balanced curriculum.
  • Ensuring smooth progression through the key stage.
  • Catering for all abilities.
  • Promoting curiosity and enthusiasm .
  • Encouraging independence and confidence .
  • Promoting logical and creative thinking. Encouraging respect for others and personal self-esteem.

We wish that the children would take life-long happy memories of their early years with us.
Our vision is that children leave school with:

  • A set of spiritual and moral values — honesty, integrity and good judgment.
  • An enquiring and discriminating mind and a desire for knowledge.
  • Strong self-esteem and high personal expectations.
  • Tolerance and respect for others.
  • A complement of basic skills – linguistic, mathematical, scientific, artistic, physical and social.